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W-DJSF 24/7Radio
*Broadcasting live *24/7 Dj Spanish Fly Underground Radio Station. The First Generation Of Memphis Hip-Hop Songs! Our staff here at the station In "Memphis/Graceland" backyard had no idea that we would have 9,176 listen sessions worldwide and counting. (*counts updated monthly) We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. (Believe it or not, 24/7 Right now we're actually here at the station on-air programing & playing records for you live in real-time.) You can request your songs and get free downloads in the welcome section on the "" website. We need & appreciate your feedback!!!!!.. **FYI: Listen to this station W-DJSF during exercise to find yourself with an overall more pleasurable experience while working out. 💪 *Sundays tune-in {8am-1pm central} as we broadcast the "Country Gospel Mix-show" series. You can run an advertisment on this station $50/ Wkly Rates contact {expect qwik reply back}. We love you, W-DJSF team "Lets keep going ya'll"
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